• Increased Pwin: Our big data approach streamlines the “Find and Qualify” piece of your capture process. We help build your pipeline with opportunities uniquely matched to your capabilities. Think Match.com for contracts.

  • Unbiased Forecasting & Pipeline Development: The more subjective activities in forecasting and development can be tough when you’re in it day-to-day. Our team helps bring an unbiased perspective to the process, resulting in a more accurate forecast. Third-party analysis helps drive better investments.

  • Better Quality Teaming: We can do the analysis for you,  so that you only meet with options that would be a good fit. Spend less time searching and interviewing.

  • Plan and Forecast Proposal Support: In times of surge or when an RFP drops unexpectedly or early, having additional proposal team support can be the difference between win or lose. The BD2 team can provide cleared, experienced, and quality contributors in times of need. Pay for what you need, when you need it


We start by creating your profile based on your capabilities and services, past performance and strategic direction. This allows us to identify opportunities across many contract vehicles, schedules and open competition sources to build an 18-month pipeline specific to you. Your dedicated BD Squared Executive provides the following:

  • Obtain an onsite briefing of your 18-month pipeline.

  • Receive a written pipeline report and deep dive discussion.

  • Prioritize and calibrate pipeline according to priorities.

  • Meet monthly to further your business development and make updates to your pipeline as needed.

  • Receive real-time alerts when any changes occur.

  • Refresh your pipeline every 6 months.

  • Teaming & Proposal Support available

  • It’s that easy. Your BD team can now move out from behind the computer, and stop searching through online databases looking for opportunities. Now they can go out in the field to meet with customers and partners and focus on growing the business, cultivating relationships and shaping the opportunities.